Google Docs

First of all, I love google. Even though I think they are slowly taking over the world. Google docs has helped me organize my life and have a place to store important documents. I use google docs to store my most recent resume, help my boy friend keep track of his music requirements each semester, and plan supper each night.

Google is awesome!


Is the new library a digital library? Will we be seeing more institutional repositories? Should gaming be apart of the library? Do students want digital books? Should we loan out digital books readers?

These are things I am interested in reading about. This search engine was helpful. On a scale of one to ten with one being least and ten being the greatest. I rate LibWorm at a 7.5. I got way too much information being thrown at me. I also got the same title listed multiple times.

I did find some helpful link on IR's. I am about to be getting involved in my local IR and barely have a clue. I found a link that introduced what an IR is and a link on guidlines for an IR. Very helpful.

Library Thing

Hey girl do your thing, do your thing....

I am doing my thing on library thing. It is VERY easy to add my books. I have not had the time to add all my books. Such a sad thing. Though I have been putting in more time creating my wish list. I have a lot of series that are not complete.


Do you digg it? If you like news then you should. Users search there favorite news sites and post to digg.com. Other users then decide if they like the stories. If they do then they digg it. Before learning of digg.com I did not know that the users submitted the stories. This is a very interesting site to see what news is most popular amoung digg members.

I digg it!



I was JUST wishing I had my bookmarks from my work computer while I was at another computer in a workshop. This is perfect! As soon as I get home, my personal computer bookmarks. Though I am not entirely sure of the name. I would have never put the name of the site and the purpose of the site together.



Tagging most certainly belongs in the library! The best way I can see tagging used is for personal assignments and for classes. Say you have three papers due in two different classes. While researching paper one, all articles/books/resources can be tagged classApaper1. Then alter the tag for the other papers and classes. Does this created a clutter of irrelevant tags for other users? I do not think so! Because others in the class present and future would be able to find relevant articles quickly. A tag search can be truncated and therefore still useful if the class name is apart of the tag. Professors could also implement tags into their lectures. Professors are constantly assigning outside reading. Instead of having an article or package of articles put on reserve, a tag could be used instead. Tagging very much complements the subject headings. A user can use subject heading to find specific tags and tags to find specific subject headings. Also, tagging should make the subject heading more visible to users. They will both aide the research process and locating of material. For all of the above possibilities and other potential tagging has to offer, this should definitely be encouraged.


That was easy!

My twitter is the same as my IM, troolycrazy.

Finding people and organizations was easier than facebook. I am following our library and some people here. Along with one of my favorite music artist. She is coming out with a new album. Exciting! I am also able to follow news from my future Alma mater.

The last time I heard about twitter was last week. Our library had signed up for a webniar and were invited to follow on twitter. By using the webinars hashtag this was an easy thing to do. Very entertaining as well.